Powderhorn Community Care / Vecindario Powderhorn Apoyo Comunitario
We know that the impact of this virus will be hard on all, and some people far more than others. Our care for each other while social distancing can make these times easier and could save lives.

What could this care look like? Sharing food, physical and emotional support, medicine, money, time running errands and more.

This spreadsheet (http://www.tinyurl.com/SouthMinneapolis-COVID19-Aid) is a way to offer and ask for resources locally, but not all of our neighbors are/will be able to access this.

Some of us already have deep relationships with our nearest neighbors, while for others this is an opportunity to connect (while maintaining distance) and ask what we can do for each other. Let's especially seek to check in with our elders, folks living alone, immune-compromised folks, people without stable housing, those out of work or underemployed without access to safe/sick time, or who are still working in public places.

Are you willing to take the lead for you block? Or do you know someone else who might?

I'm imagining this might look like:
-asking another neighbor/s on your block for help, so that when you need a break, you can step back and let others lead
-contacting the neighbors you have email or phone numbers for already
-leaving a flyer at the door of neighbors who you don't already have contact info (we have a flyer template that you can use or customize)
-asking if people would like to be a part of a phone tree, group text, email list or other way to stay connected
-asking what people need/have to offer, then you can choose:
-keep it centralized so people contact you with a need/offer, and you reach out to others OR
-decentralized where people can communicate to each other, keeping in mind language and technology barriers
-staying in touch with other block point people to share what's working and what isn't, and to have access to a greater network of resources to meet our neighbors' needs

Please share this with others in Powderhorn neighborhood so we can try to make connections on every block.
(This form created based on the pod mapping work of Mia Mingus, the Mutual Aid Medford and Somerville Area network and Blair East Community Care)

Choosing to fill this out helps us (and other mutual groups) see where we’ve got people in the neighborhood who are in willing to be a point person or even just a check-in resource. You can chose your own engagement with your neighbors as you feel you are able to. Thank you! Gracias!
Name and pronouns/ Nombre y pronombre *
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Cell Phone Number/número de teléfono
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Email Address/Correo electrónico
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Do you give permission for your contact information to be shared with other Block Point People in Powderhorn to share resources/ideas/network/support?
Which block of Powderhorn Neighborhod do you live on? / Cual cuadra en el barrio es su casa?
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Can you be a Block Point Person? This means you’d take on the responsibility of reaching out to your neighbors, coordinating a neighborhood group chat or phone tree, and staying in touch with the other point people for resource sharing. You can share this role with others on your block. There are many ways to offer mutual aid; you pick what's best for you.
If you can translate or interpret from English to another language (or vice versa), please note that below. Even moderate proficiency is very helpful.
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What are some of the unique needs and unique resources you're aware of on your block (ie. need Spanish/English or other language translation, neighbor who is homebound for other medical reasons, multi-unit apartment building on block, neighbors working in health care, etc.)
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Are there other communities that you're connected to that would benefit from organizing some mutual assistance? / ¿Hay otras comunidades con las cuales usted esta conectado/a/x que se benefician de organizar ayuda mutua?
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Anything else you'd like to add?/Hay mas la gustaria commentar?
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