Title I Stakeholders Input Meeting Sign-In & Input Survey
The Title I Stakeholders Input meeting held Wednesday, September 16th, 2020 will provide an overview, purpose of Title I, what it means to be a Title I school, and parent and family engagement. The school would like your input on our school-wide goals, funding priorities, and 1% set-aside for parent and family engagement activities. We also would like you to assist us in revising our School-Family Compact and School-Parent and Family Engagement Policy, and develop topics for Building Capacity for School Staff and Parents. Please sign-in and use the survey to provide input.

Thank you for your support!
Chamblee Charter High School
Title I Stakeholder Sign-In
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Stakeholder Input Survey
Please provide your input to assist the school with budget priorities, school/parent compact, parent engagement policy, and building staff capacity.
Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP): The CSIP describes each of the instructional programs and processes in place in our school. What kind of academic programs would you like our school to have? *
School-Parent Compact: How can the school support you in assisting your child at home to achieve the school and district goals? In what areas does your child need the most help?
Parent and Family Engagement Policy: How can the school effectively communicate with parents? What type of academic workshops would you like for the school to provide for you? *
What should be the school's Title I budget priorities? *
Parent Involvement 1% Budget: What suggestions do you have on how we can increase parent and family engagement and use our funds to support these strategies? *
Building Capacity for School Staff: How do we increase parent and family participation in developing and providing workshops for our staff? What parent and family engagement topics would you like to develop with our faculty and staff to be a part of their professional development?
Stakeholder suggestion of Date and Time for Annual Title 1 Meeting: *
Thank you for providing your input on this stakeholders survey.
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