Living Well with Illness interest survey
Living Well with Illness Workshop is a four hour workshop that will be held in the winter of 2018. The goal is to understand the impact that illness has on our lives. To take an in depth look at how illness has impacted the various aspects of a person’s life - physical limitations, family and social alterations, mental and emotional shifts, and how the illness has impacted the person’s interaction with the world.

Through this workshop we hope to achieve a perspective shift so that the person leaves with a more positive acceptance of their illness and tools to help them live in the present reality with a better sense of well-being.

The workshop itself will be conducted in a group environment with learning modules, group discussion, as well as several artistic activities that help bring a pictorial understanding of the individual's illness and as a take home reminder of what was gained from the workshop.

Tell us about the people you know who might benefit from attending. How many are there? How do you think we can get the word out to them?
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