Dreams Event & Gacha Fair Designers Application
Hello Designers,

Thank you for your interest on applying Dreams.


1. Dreams Gacha Fair is only 3 times per year! ( April, July, October )
*Start day 6th and end day 28th. *ONLY GACHA!
2. Dreams Event is 9 times per year! ( January, February, March, May, June, August, September, November, December)
*Start day 6th and end day 28th. * Regular Sales! NO GACHA!!
3. Payment fee per round is 2500L (Regular) and 3500L (Sponsor) No refund.
4. Payment have to make before each opening round.
5. It is a theme event. Each round we will give you a theme to start but do not worry, dreams theme will not be difficult to follow.
6. Advertising will be at Seraphim, Flickr, Facebook, Plurk and homepage website.
7. One group space to join Dreams.

1. Dreams wants designer to create new, original and exclusive mesh items for each round that participate. Please follow TOS guidelines. http://www.lindenlab.com/tos
2. Old items, re-texture and template from Marketplace are not allow.
3. Gacha price from 25L - 100L.
4. We encourage designers to do discount but it's not a priority.
5. 40 prims (Regulars) and 80 prims (Sponsor) for each booth. Avoid using heavy prims /Li and scripts.

**NOTES: More info about this event´s theme, schedule, landmark...etc will be given to you after you are accepted by us.

Thank you for your interest.
Owner of Dreams Event & Gacha Fair
Mina (Xueyun Resident)

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