Spaying/Neutering Agreement
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The Agreement
This agreement made on *
between ERIC DE SOUZA (hereinafter called 'the Vendor') of the one part and
Full Name (hereinafter called 'the Purchaser') *
of the other part WHEREBY lT lS AGREED that for a consideration of £750 receipt of which the Vendor hereby acknowledges the Vendor agrees to sell and the Purchaser agrees to purchase the kitten described herein under the name of
Kitten's name *
1. To undertake to keep the kitten as a household pet only.
2. Not under any circumstances whatsoever to use the kitten for breeding or allow the kitten to breed with any other cat of the same or a different species, neither will the Purchaser allow any such use to be made of the kitten by any other party.
3. lf for any reason it becomes necessary for the Purchaser to transfer the property in the kitten to a third party the Purchaser undertakes to obtain from the third party a covenant in similar terms to those contained herein.
4. That the kitten will be neutered by a Veterinary Surgeon/Practitioner, before attaining the age of twelve months. He/she will produce to the Vendor a Certificate from the Veterinary Surgeon/Practitioner stating that this has been carried out.
5. In the event of these covenants being breached the Vendor shall have the right to repossess legally the kitten and to be reimbursed by the Purchaser the reasonable cost of such repossession and the keeping of such kitten for a period of up to two months after repossession. Such costs to include Veterinary examination and fees.
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