Monday and Tuesday Recreational Gymnasts Christmas Display 2019 sign up form
Children will be invited to perform in two out of the six shows, one on each day depending on the day of their normal gymnastics class:

Monday/ Tuesday classes: Saturday 14th at 3pm & Sunday 15th at 11am
Wednesday/ Friday classes: Saturday 14th at 6.30pm & Sunday 15th at 3pm
Thursday/ Saturday classes: Saturday 14th at 11am & Sunday 15th at 6.30pm

Should you have siblings who attend classes on different days, we can accommodate by putting them into the same shows. Please note it is easier for us to move your younger child in this situation.

We are however, unable to ‘mix and match’ show times. If this affects you, please make yourself known to us as soon as possible.

We will also be running dress rehearsals on Sundays, where your child will be required to attend for around an hour (a minimum of two of these sessions should be attended):

Dress rehearsals:

Saturdays 23rd November, 30th November & 7th December

Monday 4pm / Tuesday 3.45 classes: 1pm – 1.45pm

Sundays 24th November, 1st December & 8th December:

Monday 5pm / Tuesday 4.15 classes: 9am – 9.40am
Tuesday 5.15 class: 11.10am – 11.50am
Tuesday 6.15 class: 1.20pm – 2pm
Tuesday 7.15/8.15 classes: 3.20pm – 4pm

Please ensure that your child is able to attend rehearsals before committing to the show

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