McNeel "Training for new ARTs" - Nov 26-27, 2019
McNeel "Training for new ARTs"
Nov 26-27, 2019 from 10am to 5pm
McNeel Europe office (Roger de Flor 32-34 - 08018 Barcelona - Spain)

This course will concentrate on how to teach Rhino.
How to make users more successful in a short time and without the pain of trial and error.
We will not cover in detail each part of Rhino, still the Level I and II guides will be the main reference.

The following is a list of topics that will be discussed during the course.

- A welcome from McNeel Europe
- ART and ARTC requirements
- New Rhino licensing tools
- Level I and II basic courses and vertical market training. Minimal time limit for a proficient Level I or II training
- One on one training versus class training. Getting to know your pupils.
- Class setup (windows / Mac)
- Level I training: the most important one. A good strat for an excellent user.
- Why Rhino. Where the program sits in a project’s workflow.
- Interface basics for the end user. The big picture first.
- Precision modeling
- Curves “DNA”. Making good curves. Controlling them.
- More complex Curve handling.
- Keeping your project under control: layers and safety rules.
- Surfaces in Rhino.
- “Solid” how to use this word in a NURBS environment. Possible confusions.
- Surfacing tools. Which ones and what sequence to use to explain them.
- Meshing for visualization versus meshing for Rapid Proto.
- “Sweet spot” landing point for Level I course. A user able to make simple but controlled objects.
- Boolean explained. What could go wrong.
- NetworkSrf a close look and caveat.
- Surfacing in depth (Level II). Comparing different techniques.
- “In Rhino you have different ways to make things”. Is it always true? How do objects made with different techniques compare? Advanced ways to analyze objects.
- Drafting and Layouts
- Paneling Tools
- Implicit History
- From Implicit to Explicit History aka Grasshopper
- While we do not require our ARTs to have a specific knowledge in Grasshopper or any other programming language, it would be good to provide the end users a minimal information about what Grasshopper is.

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