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The Capital Area Food Network has been formed to:
1) Compile existing food system assessments and advise on new food-related assessments, educate the community, convene stakeholders, develop strategies, and make policy recommendations that will encourage the growth of a robust community food system and a healthier population.

2) Serve in an advisory capacity to government and community organizations and institutions on issues related to the Raleigh Wake community food system.

3) Facilitate communication between sometimes disparate community groups, committees, commissions, and other boards whose work supports a thriving local food and farm economy, access to healthy food, food-related economic development, strong communities, sustainable ecosystems, and healthy people.

Capital Area Food Network Membership
The Capital Area Food Network will reflect a cross-section from the following professions and perspectives: farming and food productions, food manufacturers and distributors, grocery and retail food businesses, food services, nutrition, waste management, education, emergency food systems, health care, research, land use planning, business or economic development, food entrepreneurs, health, human services, and community members. Members shall live or work in Wake County and shall serve without compensation.
Network Member Expectations
Commit to transforming the food system in the capital area and greater Wake County are into an economically viable, sustainable, and equitable system by identifying opportunities and advocating for policy change to support improvements.
Demonstrate a commitment to respectfully engage diverse stakeholders within the community and seek to understand their concerns. Engage in problem solving and decision-making. Work in the public interest for the benefit of the food system, rather than directly representing any organization with which they are affiliated. Demonstrate a legitimate connection to, and interest in, the local food system. Attend meetings. Engage in at least one working group that may meet more frequently, and out-of-meeting work, research, etc. Agree to serve a minimum of one 2 year term and no more than 3 terms.
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