12 Week "Dependent to Independent" Career Coaching Program Application
Welcome to my Dependent to Independent tribe where I help you kick-start or level up your career in foreign land. I mainly work with immigrant women who are already in USA or Canada. However, if you are residing in any other country on non-immigrant or immigrant visa then this is the prefect platform for you

How would you feel if you had someone who has already been in your shoes guide you through every step of your job search process? This program will help you get clarity about what roles to target, how to craft your resume to get recruiters attention, how to double your LinkedIn profile views, how to grow and nurture your professional network that leads to at least 5 referrals, how to negotiate your salary and how to crack job interviews that ultimately get you your DREAM JOB!

Please answer all the questions below in as much detail as possible. I will review your application and if we are good fit for each other, I will send you a Zoom invite to discuss your application and next steps. The email will be coming from coach.aneri@gmail.com)

The program starts from 1st November, 2021
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