ERAC/CE Introductory Workshop Registration 2014

WHERE: K-RESA West Campus, 4606 Croyden Ave, Kalamazoo Township, 49006
WHEN: Saturday, April 12, 2014: 9am-4pm (lunch provided)
WHAT: Understanding Systemic Racism & Antiracism, An Introductory Workshop

One in five Americans reported in August 2013 that they did not have enough money to buy the food that they or their family needed in the past year, more than said so earlier this year and near highs seen since 2008. These findings suggest that the economic recovery may be disproportionately benefitting upper-income Americans rather than those who are struggling to fulfill their basic needs.

Stagnant wages are one possible reason why Americans' ability to afford food and other basic needs has not improved since the recession. Increasing wages alone, however, is not enough to significantly increase the percentage of Americans who have the ability to afford food.

The purpose of this anti-oppressive, antiracism workshop is to provide an introductory process for the participants to explore and deepen their understanding of food justice, the food movement, and systemic racism; and to begin to investigate ways to more effectively dismantle racism within their respective institutions. The goals are:

-To define and explore concepts related to Food Justice and Food Movement, not just about food, but also health, education, economics & environment
-To explore common language and definitions to understand the continuing issue of racism throughout our country;
-To understand racism as a systemic issue, and not simply an issue of individual attitudes and actions;
-To explore approaches to dismantling racism that can provide the foundation for enduring solutions that lead to true racial justice and racial reconciliation;
-To develop language, skills and organizing capacity regarding communication of the Food Justice and Food Movement
-To explore interest and motivation for continuing collective education and action within participants’ respective institutions.

Social Worker CEU'sand Educator SCECH’s are available for a small fee.

Please complete a separate registration form for each participant by April 9, 2014.

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