Registration - 2022 CSCH Summer ACT Sprint Class (Tue)
This class is specially designed by CSCH and our SAT teacher, Leah Kocian, for students who would like to take ACT this coming Sep 10.  Whether or not you would like to take the ACT on this date, this class will provide a great learning opportunity.

This ACT Sprint class will be every Tue, Night 7:00PM - 7:50PM, starting from
Tue, Jun 14, 22
Tue, Jun 21, 22
Tue, Jun 28, 22
Tue, Jul 5, 22
Tue, Jul 12, 22
Tue, Jul 19, 22
Tue, Jul 26, 22
Tue, Aug 2, 22
Tue, Aug 9, 22
Tue, Aug 16, 22

Venue: ZOOM
Tuition: $120
Registration Fee: $10. However waived if tuition paid on or before 6/7, 2022. (If postmarked on or before 6/7/2022.)

Please make a note on the check memo (1) Student Name; (2) ACT
Mailing address for sending tuition checks: Chinese School at Chapel Hill, P.O. Box 3214, Chapel Hill, NC 27515

Please fill in this form entirely and mail out your tuition check by June 7, 2022 to complete the registration.
Also provide your primary email contact below. CSCH will use the following email address to send course schedules, updates and other related information to students. Thanks.
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是否计划在6/7前将学费支票寄出(免收$10注册费)学费一定要在6/11前收到(以邮戳为准)。 Do you plan to send out the tuition check before 6/7 to avoid registration fee ($10)? Tuition due on 6/11 (postmarked date must be 6/11 or before). *
There is no refund for this ACT Sprint Class. Registration fee is not refundable. Please contact for any question.   Classes enrolled less than 8 will be cancelled and Parents will be notified in advance with full refund. 这个课学费和注册费没有退款,如有问题,请与活动课管理组联系(。谢谢大家理解。如果注册人数少于八个人,课会取消。学校会提前和家长联系全额退款。 *
学生会遵守老师规定的上课纪律,有问题及时和老师或校方联系,多次违反规定(收到老师超过三次警告)将被取消注册资格,学生将不能继续在学校上课。学费不退。The registered student should comply with all classroom rules required by his/her teacher. If the student receives more than 3 warnings from his/her teacher, the student will be removed from the class and no refund as well. *
家长签字(我已经认真阅读并同意以上规定)Parents agreement and signature (I confirm that I have read , understand and agree the above terms.)* *
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