Junk food marketing in public spaces
This is the data collection tool used to record examples of high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) advertising in public spaces for the Sustain/Food Active project. Bookmark this link in your browser or keep a link saved in your notes so you can easily access the survey whilst you're out and about. You can submit as many responses and examples as you like.

The first question allows you to upload the picture of your example directly into this survey. Please then fill out the remaining data/questions and submit this for each example that you find.

You cannot edit your response once submitted, so please try to include all the data required before you submit.

If you have any questions please contact ben@sustainweb.org and/or alex.holt@foodactive.org.uk

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Please add the location this photo was taken - local authority and postcode or nearest landmark (please be as accurate as possible e.g. Liverpool, Water St Outside Boots Chemist)
Proximity to children's setting
Type of advertising
Category of advert
What attempts have you made to see this advertising removed (and with whom)?
What policy/justification did you use to back up this call?
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