PortConMaine 2018 Guest Application
This is only for people who want to be guests at PortConMaine. If you are not the guest, or a representative of the guest, please fill out the guest suggestion form.
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What do you do and why would you make a good guest for PortConMaine? Please be as specific and detailed as possible. Include all your work, publications, references, etc.
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Have you attended any other event(s)? If so, please list the event(s) and date(s) below.
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If applicable, what else would you need from the convention:
Please be as detailed as possible. Will you need food, a booth to sell from, etc. List all demands you normally expect in this field. Obviously a pass for the weekend is a given, but would you need additional badges for family? If you have a fee, how much is that fee? Etc.
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