Sign up for the 2017 Season of The Bees' Needs
We're glad you're interested in being a volunteer with The Bees' Needs in 2017. Being a volunteer requires that you: a) live in Colorado; b) will agree to monitor a Bee Block (that we will give you) from April to October, submitting data to us every two weeks during that period; and c) you have a computer and can access and submit data to us via our webpage. Note: we know folks go on vacation in the summer and are not always able to submit data every two weeks, but we expect that you'll do your best and will be able to monitor your block for the majority of the breeding season.

We'll notify you in February or March about how to get your new bee block. Note: to participate in 2017 you must receive a new bee block. Even if you have been a volunteer with us previously, we will not be able to collect data from you about previous bee blocks, although they will continue to provide valuable habitat for your bees and wasps in future seasons.

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