Sampling Human Webinar: Living diagnostics using microbes to detect Disease specific single cells
Single-Cell analysis has advanced our understanding of Human Health. One such insight has been that even a handful of cells in a mostly healthy heterogeneous tissue can drive disease incidence and progression. The natural step then is to build diagnostics that can identify the presence of these minuscule populations of cells that push human health to morbid states. Single cell analysis platforms however encounter many challenges including time, variability, expertise, cost, and effort. Though imagine if we could bypass these limitations associated with single cell analysis by discarding these mechanical instruments and replacing them with live cell analyzers?

On August 9th, join us to hear from Daniel Georgiev, the Founder and CEO of Sampling Human how they are transforming human health through the first ever living cellular analyzer to build personalized disease diagnostics.

The discussion will be co-hosted by Longevity Tech Fund partner and CSO Jyothi Devakumar and Longevity Tech Fund Scientific Venture Consultant Raghav Sehgal. We hope to see you there!

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