Healing in Our Times Project Form
Jadetperry.com is curating a resource list & mini-directory, intended to share information on low cost / affordable / sliding scale holistic services for people with marginalized identities. This project centers POC and is broken up into services for ‘the mind’, ‘the body’, ‘the soul & spirit’, and ‘the socioeconomic reality’. We need each other!

Please fill out this form to add a resource to the list that pertains to:
The mind (therapy, practitioner-based work, etc)
The body (nutritionists, body positive fitness, yoga, herbalists, sexual wellness, reproductive justice activism, etc.)
The soul & spirit (spiritual directors, life coaches, herbalists, shamans, pastors / pastoral care, readers, astrologists, artists of every kind, etc)
The socioeconomic reality (financial advising, food security initiatives, etc)

If preferred, you can email at healinginourtimes@gmail.com. (If e-mailing, it is most helpful to know the name, email address / preferred contact method, and website).

You can view the project here: https://jadetperry.com/healing-in-our-times-project/

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