Millennial Travel Trends 2017
Plan. Save. Travel.
How often do you take a trip? *
What is the MAIN reason that makes you travel? *
Choose your preferred travel type from the below *
When do you book your tickets for the trip? *
How do you plan your trip? *
What influences your choice of destination the most? *
Are you comfortable trying out the local cuisine of a place? *
Did you ever take part in Local Food Tours/Cooking classes? *
Have you ever encountered the ‘Traveler’s Tummy’ while trying out the local cuisine? *
Which is the social media platform that you use the most when you are traveling? *
How many travel related apps do you travel with? *
Have you ever dated anyone while traveling?
Which is the primary device you use to click photographs on a trip? *
Out of the below options, which place attracts you the most? *
What is your choice of accommodation while traveling? *
From the below options, which is the most IMPORTANT factor that comes to mind when it comes to booking rooms? *
Do you sign up for the Loyalty Programs Offered by Airlines/Hotels? *
What is the mode of transportation you use at your destination? *
Do you buy a travel insurance for your trip? *
What kind of locations do you like? *
What is the usual duration of your trip? *
Do you believe in having a Travel Bucket List? *
How do you prefer traveling? *
Have you ever volunteered for any social/environmental causes while traveling? *
Which continent do you prefer traveling to, provided you have no financial constraints? *
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