Millennial Travel Trends 2017
Plan. Save. Travel.
How often do you take a trip?
What is the MAIN reason that makes you travel?
Choose your preferred travel type from the below
When do you book your tickets for the trip?
How do you plan your trip?
What influences your choice of destination the most?
Are you comfortable trying out the local cuisine of a place?
Did you ever take part in Local Food Tours/Cooking classes?
Have you ever encountered the ‘Traveler’s Tummy’ while trying out the local cuisine?
Which is the social media platform that you use the most when you are traveling?
How many travel related apps do you travel with?
Have you ever dated anyone while traveling?
Which is the primary device you use to click photographs on a trip?
Out of the below options, which place attracts you the most?
What is your choice of accommodation while traveling?
From the below options, which is the most IMPORTANT factor that comes to mind when it comes to booking rooms?
Do you sign up for the Loyalty Programs Offered by Airlines/Hotels?
What is the mode of transportation you use at your destination?
Do you buy a travel insurance for your trip?
What kind of locations do you like?
What is the usual duration of your trip?
Do you believe in having a Travel Bucket List?
How do you prefer traveling?
Have you ever volunteered for any social/environmental causes while traveling?
Which continent do you prefer traveling to, provided you have no financial constraints?
Would you...
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