SE Como Offer of Support
This form will be used to match volunteers offering support to individuals seeking support.
What is your name and preferred pronouns?
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Can we contact you to connect you with someone looking for the following resources? (Check all that apply. Checking any or all of these boxes does not obligate you to provide support when asked. If you are not feeling well or are a member of an at-risk population, please keep yourself safe and healthy)
If you know of an organization that can provide financial relief or are able to provide it yourself, please provide information so we can connect people with the resources that will best meet their needs
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Any additional help you would like to provide that was not listed?
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Who are we reaching?
The following questions will help us understand who we are reaching, they are completely optional and will not be used to determine the matching of support to those who need it.
Are you affiliated with the U of M?
What best describes your age?
Do you identify as Spanish, Hispanic, or Latinx?
How would you describe yourself? (Check all that apply)
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