CYSO Instrumental Bootcamp for Strings
So many of you have asked "what solo should my musician play for next year's audition" and "what does my student need to do in order to move up to a higher ensemble."

Well here are all the answers:

Dates: July 24-28 (Monday-Friday)
Times: 9:00am-Noon
Location: Metropolitan State University Arts Building
Price: $450

This camp is based on skill level and by specific instrument (violin class, viola class, cello class...) This will be a challenging and fun five day program.

We will be working with students to improve all the fundamentals: vibrato, counting, intonation, string crossings, and bow technique. We will cover everything. And your student will return to school ready to win that chair test  (and back to CYSO with a higher chair or orchestra placement). There is nothing better than hearing a student play with confidence and beautiful fundamental playing skills. 
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