Promotional Plans
This form is provided for event organisers to consider and discuss different promotional opportunities for their game to help recruit new players and draw attention to their events.
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Which gameline is this for?  And what is your name?
Are there any easy parallels between your game and other settings that may draw in fans or at least help people understand what the game is about?
Have you put money in the budget to produce flyers, access Facebook advertising or do "like, share and comment" promotions or Bring a Friend deals in order to access new players?
Social Media
Facebook and Instagram posts require both a picture and written content.  Please consider and describe photo opportunities.  Perhaps there are images from other game lines that could be suitable, a photo shoot could be arranged or there might be images on Creative Commons that could be worthwhile.
Where will you source photographs?
Flyer Options
Sessions designed to support brand new players
Media Release
Media releases provide print-quality photographs and descriptions of events to radio stations, newspapers and other local media outlets to attract attention to games.  Please Note that committee approval is required before a media release is sent out to ensure that both the release and the event shows Adelaide LARP in the best possible light.
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