Student Application to work with OurChatham
OurChatham is an engaged community journalism outlet serving Chatham County, North Carolina, the county immediately to the south of Chapel Hill. We are seeking students who are interested in helping find a financially sustainable model for local news reporting by engaging the audience. Read more about the project at

P.S. - Join us at our student interest meeting Oct. 4 at 5:30 p.m. in Carroll Hall, room 11. More at

P.P.S. -- Some, but not all, of the positions will be paid.

P.P.P.S -- While reliable personal transportation to all of Chatham County is helpful, OurChatham has limited funding to provide students with free access to a Zipcar while they are working on this project

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Recording and explaining what happens at government meetings
Getting questions from Chatham residents and investigating to find answers
Answering questions and sharing news via social media
Curating and writing a weekly email newsletter
Increasing the number of people who send questions for us to investigate.
Increasing the number of people who subscribe to a weekly email newsletter.
Increasing the number of people who share our stories
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