Emporia Area LGBTQ+ Friendly Workplaces
Help us make a list of LGBTQ+ friendly work environments in Emporia, KS! It's just 5 questions and should take approximately 5 minutes or less to complete. 

Are you a business owner who's workplace is safe and welcoming to LGBTQ+ employees? Or do you work at a place that is a safe and welcomging work environment for LGBTQ+ employees? We want to know! Even if you are not hiring now, you might be in the future. And you can help us create a map of all the great places hardworking, determined, LGBTQ+ teens can count on to give them the step up into a healthy, productive, confident adulthood right here at home. 

Bloom House Youth Services is a 501c3 non-profit organization in Emporia, KS serving runaway, homeless, and at-risk youth and their families in our area. Many of the young people we see are LGBTQ+, as 40% of the homeless youth population is a member of the LGBTQ+ community while this community only makes up between 7-9% of the general population. Bloom House works with youth of all genders and sexual orientations of course, but as the LGBTQ+ community is a very vulnerable group of already vulnerable youth, and many of the youth we serve are looking for work to help them and their families attain stability, self sufficiency and safety - we knew we needed a list like this! 

Thank you for helping us gather this useful information!
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If a trans person where to work there, is this workplace somewhere they can expect their chosen name and their pronouns to be respected by other staff and supervisors? *
Because we assist youth as well as their families, we want to know a little about the ages of people you hire. Does this workplace hire teenagers as young as 16? *
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