Emotional Labor Questionnaire
We are interested in learning about a concept called "emotional labor." Emotional labor is the way people manage their emotions in order to do their job effectively. For example, flight attendants are expected to be friendly even when passengers are rude. For teachers, emotional labor might involve showing enthusiasm even when a student is disengaged in the lesson. For administrators, it might involve feigning concern to a parent who perpetually complains. This concept has been studied in many occupations and workplaces but has not achieved much attention in schools, and insufficient attention among principals, especially when comparing principal's work in different countries. Our study aims to compare the concept of "emotional labor" among principals in different countries and in different contexts. Our goal is to find ways to support principals' emotional labor keyed to the specific cultural contextual needs.
This survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. The survey is anonymous so please be candid with your responses. Thank you for participating.
1. Demographic Information
Remember this survey is anonymous, so we are not asking for your name. However, we would like to include a general description of the respondents. Please complete the items below.
1. Identify your gender
2. Age
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3. How many years have you served as a teacher?
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4. How many years have you served as a principal?
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5. In what kind of school do you work in?
6. How many students do you have in your current (or last) school?
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7. Please indicate your personal religious affiliation (observance)? (We included this item because it is one of the variables we are examining in relation to emotional labor)
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8. What is your current (last) school affiliation?
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