Leading Off-Campus Student Application
The Leading Off-Campus Collegiate initiative provides experiences and connections in the Lynchburg region to build your soft skills and career readiness. By participating in this program, you will receive networking opportunities and explore parts of the Lynchburg region and businesses in the region. Additionally, you will connect and work with students from other colleges in Lynchburg and make many new connections with leaders from different industry sectors.
Leading Off- Campus Requirements
- The Leading Off-Campus program runs during the Fall semester on the following dates:
September 6th: Session I: Orientation/Opening Retreat & Team-building
September 20th: Session II: Community Tour & Problem-Solving Skills
October 18th: Session III: Community Tour & Diversity & Generational Differences
November 8th: Session IV: Community Tour & Communication Skills & Public Speaking
November 22nd: Session V: Community Tour & Interviewing and Networking
December 8th: Commencement Ceremony

- All of these session dates will be in the morning starting at 8 AM and ending at Noon.

- The curriculum is full of necessary learning and connection opportunities. We understand if illness and emergencies do come up, but it is expected that you attend all session throughout the course. The discussions, skill learning, and connections made are not able to made up.

- Tuition will be $300 for the program.

- You will be responsible for transportation to each session.

-You will be notified of the status of your application by the selection committee by July 30th.

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