Summer Hack Week 2019

Prewired is running the Summer Hack 2019 coding week from 22nd July -- 26th July for girls and boys of secondary school age. It will take place 10.00 am -- 4.00 pm each day. We have a limited number of places, and although you don't have to be an experienced programmer, we are looking for people who have a real interest in coding and who can write short, simple programs in a language like Python. For more information about programming resources, have a look at

We are also keen to spread the word about Summer Hack, so please let your friends know about it!

* What is involved? You will be working together in a small team, on a collaborative project. It is essential that you commit to coming for the whole week. Yes, that's from Monday to Friday!

* Will there be prizes? Yes. At the end of the week, each team will give a demo of their project to a panel of judges, and prizes will be awarded in various categories.

* Do you need to bring a laptop? Not necessarily -- we can provide one.

* What about food? We will provide snacks but you will need to bring your own lunch.

For more information about the Summer Hack, see If you have any questions about this form or the Summer Hack, feel free to contact us at

The information that you provide on this form is necessary for us to keep in touch with you and for us to organise the Summer Hack. Details about the Prewired Privacy Policy can be found at

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Do you have a food allergy that we should be aware of?
During the Summer Hack, we only provide Oreo biscuits, orange juice / apple juice and fresh fruit during snack time. You will need to bring your own lunch. If you are still concerned about a food allergy, please tick the box below and we will discuss this with you.
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