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First, we need to get to know a little about your experience with limited releases:
What's your role in the bourbon/whiskey industry? (choose all that apply)
How would you classify yourself as a bourbon/whiskey drinker? (choose one)
What’s your experience level with buying limited releases? (choose one)
How much time do you spend hunting for limited releases? (choose one)
How much do you typically pay for limited releases? (choose one)
Next, we need to know a little about your feelings towards bourbon producers:
How do you think the MAJORITY of producers feel about their own limited releases? (choose one)
Do you think distillers and producers actually have the ability to make the situation better given present circumstances? (choose one)
What, if anything, would you like to see bourbon producers do to help solve the problem?
Do nothing different. Keep MSRPs as low as possible (or at least around current levels, generally speaking) even if that continues to fuel the secondary market and highly sought after releases remain very difficult to find. These releases are already expensive even at MSRP so at least I can afford a bottle or two if I’m lucky enough to find any.
HATE the idea.
LOVE the idea.
Raise MSRPs across the board until the supply and demand curves meet and limited release bottles sit on the shelves long enough that they can be found without "hunting" them down. We need to accept that bourbon is moving into a similar pricing structure as scotch and the “best of the best” bourbons may no longer be had by commoners. This might also pretty much eliminate the secondary market.
HATE the idea.
LOVE the idea.
Increase investment in and development of rapid aging techniques so it doesn’t take years or even decades to make my favorite whiskeys. I think this type of technology can work, and if it tastes as good as traditionally aged whiskey that’s good enough for me.
HATE the idea.
LOVE the idea.
Bottle them in smaller bottles - 375ml or 200ml. This would significantly multiply bottle counts, making more to go around, giving consumers the ability to try more variety, and hopefully result in less money lost if a whiskey turns out to be bad.
HATE the idea.
LOVE the idea.
I only like the smaller bottle idea [above] if the MSRP drops in similar proportion to the volume decrease. (choose one)
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