Blender Modelling Survey
Hey! I'm designing a modelling course for the future, and I'd like your feedback on a few things. Filling out this survey would be a big help :) -Andrew Price
How long have you been using Blender, or other 3D modelling applications?
What part of modelling do you struggle with the most?
What is your goal?
Which modelling tutorial have you found to be the most helpful, and why?
Any video at all. Feel free to include the link.
Your answer
What modelling tutorial topic would you be most interested in watching?
What's your ideal length for one video, in a multi-part video series?
What is the maximum number of videos that you would be willing to watch in a series?
How much would you be willing to pay for a modelling series, that made you much more confident to model anything?
Any other advice or feedback?
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