2020 ACF Fall Registration Form
Thank you for your interest in playing 2020 ACF Fall! ACF Fall will be held on Saturday, October 17, 2020. Please fill this form out once for each team.
Name of Team *
Include the letter of your team, beginning with A for the team you anticipate to be the strongest (e.g., Columbia A). If your school only sends one team, it is the A team.
Team Details
Contact Name *
Contact Email *
Contact Phone *
This phone number will only be used if the host needs to contact you on the day of the tournament.
Site Attending *
Do you intend to write a packet? *
If you would like to write one for a discount, please contact fall@acf-quizbowl.com. Submitting this form is not sufficient to receive a distribution to write for Fall.
How many staffers will you bring? *
Is your school new to quizbowl? *
The "new to quizbowl" discount is intended for schools that did not send a team to any regular collegiate academic tournament (exclusively Novice tournaments do not count) since September 2019, and have no one on the team(s) claiming this discount who played those tournaments for another school.
Do you anticipate that this team will be shorthanded? *
A shorthanded team is comprised of 1-2 players.
A full description of ACF's Eligibility Rules can be found at https://acf-quizbowl.com/eligibility-rules/.
Does your entire team meet ACF's definition of Division II? *
A “Division II” player is any player who first enrolled in a collegiate program in 2020-2021 or 2019-2020 (i.e. is any freshman/first-year or sophomore/second-year).
Does your entire team meet ACF's definition of Undergraduate? *
An “undergraduate” is a player who did not receive a BA or equivalent or higher degree prior to 2020-2021, AND who first enrolled in a collegiate program in a competition year in 2016-2017 or more recently.
Tentative Roster *
Please indicate your team's tentative roster. ACF understands that players may add or drop from teams, or move around between teams for the same school. You may indicate more than four players here. After each player's name , please indicate "(DII)" if they meet the definitions of Division II and Undergraduate, "(UG)" if they meet the definition of Undergraduate but not Division II, and nothing if they meet neither definition, e.g. "Juan Perez (DII), Jane Doe (UG), John Smith." High school teams need not indicate Division II and Undergraduate eligibility.
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