GSLC Ministry in a Pandemic Survey
This survey has two sections: the first asking about digital ministry offerings (3-5 minutes), the second asking about your sentiments around re-opening (2 minutes). Thank you in advance for your input!

Section 1:
When social distancing began, the church staff created some digital offerings to meet our faith community's spiritual hunger in this time. Now that we're a few weeks in, they're up for review. We cherish your feedback about both the existing offerings and new ideas that we have brainstormed.
Below are the options we currently offer for digital ministry. Please check the ones that interest you.
OPTIONAL: What do you enjoy or wish was different about these offerings?
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Below are newly-brainstormed options for real-time digital ministry. These options would occur at a scheduled time on Zoom. Check all that are of interest to you.
IF YOU CHECKED THE "SMALL GROUP" BOX: What kind of small group would be of interest?
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OPTIONAL: Do you have ideas to add to this list? Questions about these ideas? See something you'd like to lead? Please let us know below!
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Below are newly-brainstormed options for pre-recorded ministry offerings: videos that would be uploaded to our Facebook page and YouTube channel. You'd be able to engage with them at your own pace, on your own schedule. Please check those that are of interest.
OPTIONAL: Please leave your feedback, ideas, or more detailed responses below.
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Below are a series of options that don't involve a screen! Check those that are of interest to you.
OPTIONAL: Please leave any further feedback below:
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