Wave upon Waves
5 Rhythms Workshop with Neil Pinnock
Lady Emily Hall

Saturday, 16th November 10.30 to 4.30

Contact Miranda White - 07946748104 -whiteheartyoga@icloud.com
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A journey of exploring the 5Rhythms Waves.

All welcome. 10.30am - 4.30pm - Bring a shared lunch

Once we begin to notice and follow the way energy moves through the cycle of the 5Rhythms Wave, we begin to realise the intelligence inherent in the creativity of life itself. Flowing moves within then gives rise to the shapes of Staccato. Chaos breaks down form and limitation to give birth to creativity and the limitless possibilities through Lyrical. Stillness fulfills the cycle, accepts it all and empties us out to begin another wave…

In this workshop we will dance wave upon waves, explore the waves within waves and map the waves of energy that move in our own lives and dance. Big waves, small waves, some with and some without music, some together and others alone. By discovering how we are just energy in motion unfolding into this creative moment of our lives we will uncover gifts to use both on and off the dance floor.

Neil hails from the UK and trained 5Rhythms Waves with Gabrielle Roth in 2008 & Heartbeat in 2018. He regularly teaches across the UK and internationally to all ages. His style is passionate and tender, humorous and wise. His musical tastes wide-ranging and well suited to support the many rhythms within rhythms that this workshop requires. Join him for this not to be missed offering.
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Advanced booking before 5th November is £35, £42 after, £45 on the door

If you are not able to pay full price, but would like to attend, then please contact whdbursary@gmail.com - We have a bursary fund that could assist you with some of your payment.

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