Creating a search strategy - practice
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Use this form to practice creating a search strategy.
This is part of the tutorial, Creating a Search Strategy
Part 1: Research Topic
What is your research topic or question?
Example: How is India working to meet its renewable energy goals?
Now pick out some keywords for your topic.

Example: India, renewable, energy, goals
Part 2: Additional terms
Next, are there are any additional terms, concepts, words, or synonyms that you can use? Write those down.

Example: solar, wind, targets, climate, green
Now put your words together using different operators like OR and AND.

Example: India AND (goals or targets) AND (renewable OR solar OR wind) AND energy
Part 3: Select and search

Now choose a database where you can look for resources. Some good places to start are:
Global Search (CEU Library home page):
Google Scholar:
Which database (or databases) did you choose?
Now conduct your search. Were you able to find relevant sources? *
If yes, write down the title and author for two articles here.
If not, see our other tutorials for more search tips.
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