Doing Diversity in Writing - Writer Questionnaire
Welcome to the writer questionnaire of the Doing Diversity in Writing podcast!

On our podcast, we explore issues around representation to figure out the do’s and don’ts of writing more inclusively, whether that be in terms of race, gender, ethnicity, class, sexuality, religion, origin, ability, age, appearance, and so on.

Are you a writer who wants to include more diverse characters into their work? Fill out the questions below to let us know what you struggle with and where you could use some help.

If you're also a reader (yes, we're being rhetorical here ;) ), we'd be grateful if you filled out our reader questionnaire too:

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1. What kind of characters would you like to start including in your work?
2. Why haven't you written characters like this before?
3. What do you struggle with when it comes to including more diverse characters in your work?
4. What questions do you have about writing diverse characters that you would like us to address on the podcast?
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