Style Briefing
Take your time in answering all the questions, in full. Giving details to the best of your ability. Please find your size equivalent if not from the UK, as well as sending a full length (photo) of your chosen attire as of now. Please feel free to ask if unsure of any of the posing questions.  
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Mood Boards
Mood Boards are used for putting together selected images of what you like in either styling or fashion)In working with tear sheets (pics) from magazines or anything visual, this could be from a piece of fabric, photos or even descriptive literature. (we are going to be using Pinterest for safe keeping.
Fashion, street wear, tech, trendy, dandy, etc. What sort of styles do you like? And what do you want from the desired look?
What is your purpose, intention, objective, goal?
A choice line up of your chosen images, taking in mind feel, presence, demeanour, attitude, approach.
What are your choice fabrics? (Think seasonal, working with colours as well as fabric weights and textures)
Trend Forecast
What have you been looking at with regards to clothing? Ads, mags, celebrity, gossip, music? All things inclusive of fashion as well as styling. State your like's in looking at all categories or even something you yourself may want to incorporate.
Chosen Images
Make a line up of 7 chosen images (all images are to be short listed in a new board on with a brief explanation on why you chose them. Think angles, and how you imagine the item of clothing (in wearing it) feel their weights and functionality. From here, we will breakdown our chosen looks, together, in working with the appropriate, outfit, look , as well as what's to be desired from our final outcome.  
If you wear them, please state them. This could be bangles, chains, hats, scarves, light shoulder bags, glasses etc.
What are your preferences? Spicy, sweet, earthy, classic, niche
Where do you shop, and why? What are your social circles? What are your interests, hobbies if any? Do you have music preferences?  Is there a specific group of people or a social setting that you would like to be privy to? Do you have a budget in mind? And if so, do you feel this limits your options on getting your desired look?
Bring items from your wardrobe so we can establish were you are with regards to Styling. Again think seasonal, along with combinations in putting them together, this may include footwear and other accessories of your choosing.
If unsure, please visit a suiting outlet, who will be more that happy to comply, giving you your correct measurements.  
Shoe size:
Trousers (waist, in leg / outer leg)
Neck size:
Jackets / suiting
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