IERBS 2022 - Cadaver Workshop & Masterclass & Lecture & Symposium in Taiwan - Registration
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*Notes before filling out the form/填寫表單前之注意事項
1. Due to limited seats available for this symposium, kindly ensure the registration is duly completed. Once your registration form has reached us, our staff will contact you via phone or email and will inform you regarding payment options accordingly. The organizer will also request for your personal details as necessary).
(1. 名額有限,報名從速,基本資料請務必填寫完整,待主辦方收到報名表表單才算正式報名,工作人員會以電話或 e-mail 告知已確認報名,並且通知您繳費及回傳匯款單給我們(會在信件留下匯款資訊、繳費匯款明細回傳表單連結)。)

2.We will require payment to be completed for your registration to be confirmed. Once your registration is confirmed, there will be strictly NO refund.
(2. 報名採 先登記且已繳費制 ,為避免作業困擾,一旦確認報名成功即不退費也不可轉讓,故請學員確認有要來上課再報名 以免造成雙方不便。)
Contact Us/聯絡我們
Contact Person : Dr. Lai (For Overseas delegates)
(聯絡電話 : 賴醫師助理 : +886-987-200-711 (For Taiwan delegates))

Email :
(聯絡信箱 :
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