So You'd Like a Bit O' Graphic Design?
You need some graphic design, and I need some portfolio pieces! Everyone wins!

Here's the fine print:
- This is free for you!
- You get to use it for your event/your book/ your whatever. I retain the creative copyright.
- No revisions are included, but if you don't like it, you don't have to use it!
- I will need at least two weeks to do this for you, so please don't send me something for your event tomorrow night.
- No logos, sorry folks!

If you are feeling thankful and you'd like to throw a few bones my way to say so, you can totally Venmo me at @lizardjellybean. No pressure, but it certainly is appreciated.
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Tell me a little bit about your event, book, etc. What's the tone? What do you want people to think about your event when they see this design? *
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