Dear Parents / Caregivers

School Trips and Activities
We often seek your permission for various shool activities and regularly have difficulty getting notices or letters returned from a significant number of children. Therefore we ask Parents/Caregivers to complete an Annual Consent Form.

During the year children of Gordonton School will participate in class and school trips. General consent is required from Parents/Caregivers for these excursions. All trips will comply with Gordonton School's Education Outside the Classroom Policy. Consent for overnight trips will still be to be required.

Notification of all class trips will be made in advance. This notification will be in the school newsletter and/or a spearate note from the class teacher will be sent home.

Support Services
If staff have a concern about your child's learning or behaviour needs, support services are often contacted for advice.

Head Lice
Head lice (nits) are an on-going problem in schools. Some children are repeatedly infested by head lice through no fault of their own - another child in the class has head lice and is not being treated. The school needs to be able to check children so Parents/Caregivers can be informed if their child has head lice.

Please can you complete the below and submit so we can update our details.

Thank you
Keith O'Donnell
I give permission for my child to go on day trips to places eg Community Theatre *
I understand that I may withdraw my permission at any time or for any event or trip *
I give permission for the school to request extra help for my child form the following support services - RTLB (Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour), Group Special Education, Resource Teacher of Literacy, Special Language Therapist. I understand that I will be told if extra help is needed for my child. *
I give permission for school staff to check my child's hair for head lice (nits) *
I give permission for my child's name and photo to appear in the school newsletter, Gordonton School website and the Gordonton School Facebook page *
I understand that any information provided about my child will be used to assist my child and will be used according to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993 *
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Child/ren's Name *
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I wish to recieve the newsletter via email *
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