Sign-ups for SU(5)
This form is for incoming first-year graduate students. If the form does not work for any reason, feel free to email us at and we'll get you signed up!

Being matched to a groups is contingent to how many mentors and mentees sign up this year.

By being a part of our program, you will be agreeing to participating in what is in our handbook, with conduct guidelines:

At the moment, we are restricting signups to students attending programs in Canada and the US. You may still fill out the form if your program is outside the US, but our ability to place you to a group will be contingent on other signups.

Sign ups end on August 6th, 2021.
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OPTIONAL: Are there any identities you would like us to take into account when creating groups? If so, please elaborate below.
e.g. first-gen, low-income, nontraditional path, international, DACA status, BIPOC, gender identity, race, ethnicity sexuality, etc. NOTE: We will do our best to accommodate preferences recorded here, and align groups based on this as well as on logistics of start/end dates. If you have certain identities that you would like us to be aware of, but do not want us to take those into consideration when assigning groups, this space can be used to let us know that as well.
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