Seminar in honor of Dr. Sylvia Earle hosted by the University of Stavanger (UIS) Faculty of Science and Technology in cooperation with the International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS) and the Rachel Carson Prize.

In connection with the 2017 Rachel Carson Prize winner Dr. Sylvia Earle’s visit to Stavanger, UiS, IRIS and the Rachel Carson Prize are pleased to invite you to this seminar honoring her work and life passion.

"As we observe and appreciate our planet’s grandeur, we should also hold dear the 71% percent of the planet that is often overlooked. The ocean is Earth’s blue heart and it sustains us and all we love. As we commit ourselves today to respect planet Earth, let’s remember that without blue, there is no green. Please join me in protecting the vital blue heart of the planet".


Sylvia Earle: How to protect the oceans.


Pre-registration required

Free attendance

Wednesday October 4
09:00 - 12:00
Tjodhallen, UiS

Lunch provided at 12:00

Renée K. Bechmann "When pesticides become medicine"
Steinar Sanni "No harmful effect"
Anne Merethe Skogland/Else Dybkjær "No Blue, No Green, No Life"
Thierry Bausant "eDNA for marine species monitoring and conservation"
Elisa Ravagnan "Blue bioeconomy in the future"
Roald Kommedal "Fate and effects of synthetic polymers - the sub-micro-plastic problem"
Sylvia Earle "No Blue, No Green"

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