Request for Proposals (RFP): Breakout Session, 2019 National Teacher Leadership Conference
The RFP is for a Breakout session at the 2019 National Teacher Leadership Conference, A Radical Imagination for the Future.

NNSTOY is excited to host the 2019 National Teacher Leadership conference in Orlando, FL. The attendees are some of the most highly recognized educators in the world. The event offers a unique opportunity for teacher leaders, education advocates, business leaders and policymakers to come together. Participants hear first-hand accounts from expert educators about their experiences and gain insights on best practices.

The theme is "A Radical Imagination for the Future." Conversation at the event will focus on four problems of practice:
1. Best practices in teaching and learning
2. Cultivating equitable schools
3. SEL for teachers and students
4. The future of education

About the session:

A 60 minute workshop, this should be interactive, engaging, practical, including fresh ideas, and be something awesome. Maximum 60 participants.
No travel reimbursement/must pay conference fee.
We are asking that every session facilitator create an electronic one-pager for participants: this could be a discussion guide for them to take back to their PLCs, a tip sheet, etc.
You will get lots of social media love!

Your proposal will be entered in a blind scoring process by a committee of NNSTOY members.

Due Dates
1. All proposals are due by 5 pm EST January 1, 2019. Proposals submitted after the due date will not be accepted.
2. Presenters will be notified by January 31, 2019, if their proposal has been selected or not. Please make sure to include a valid email address.

Using the Submission Form
Users do not have the ability to save information prior to submission or edit after the application has been submitted. Please copy and paste the information from another document if you cannot complete the application in one sitting.

Contact Information
Please send an email to Lauren Cantell at if you have additional questions.

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Each problem of practice will have three tracks, the tracks are 1. Classroom practice, 2. Supporting teachers, 3. Policy and advocacy. Knowing of these tracks, to which track does your session most closely align? *
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