Photography Donation Form
Copyright Terms and Conditions:

- You agree that you are authorised or the copyright owner of any photos you are donating
- You understand that this is a donation, Nerdy Doggo and/or are not purchasing content
- You understand that your contributions will be used strictly in an educational and non-profit basis

Recommended Formats:
- JPEG photo file format
- Watermarks are not recommended
- Name your file with the copyright owner and brief description of the image content

Recommended File Name: {Copyright Owner} - {Photo Description} .jpeg

Content that will not be used
- Photos with unnecessary oversized watermarks
- Drawings/Artwork
- GIF & PNG file formats
- Copyright owner name not included in the image file name

If you would like to send us images directly instead of using this form, you can via our email

Copyright Disclaimer *
Do you agree to the above Terms and Condition of your copyright rights with donations of photos for the community archives?
Titleholder Biographical Photo
Portrait Photo of a Titleholder (Make sure the titleholder and their awarded title in the file name)
Major Event Photos
Photos of a major event (annual or larger) (Make sure the events name and year in the file name)
Social Group Photo
Photos of a social group (PAH, Kennel Club etc) (Make sure the Groups name and year of photo taken in the file name) Some examples would be group photos and/or club flag/logo
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