Open Data as Open Educational Resources - Case Studies: Call for Participation

The context:

Open Data is invaluable to support researchers, but we contend that open datasets used as Open Educational Resources (OER) can also be invaluable asset for teaching and learning. The use of real datasets can enable a series of opportunities for students to collaborate across disciplines, to apply quantitative and qualitative methods, to understand good practices in data retrieval, collection and analysis, to participate in research-based learning activities which develop independent research, teamwork, critical and citizenship skills. (For more detail please see:

The Call:

We are inviting individuals and teams to submit case studies describing experiences in the use of open data as open educational resources. Proposals are open to everyone who would like to promote good practices in pedagogical uses of open data in an educational context. The selected case studies will be published in a open e-book (CC_BY_NC_SA) hosted by Open Knowledge Foundation Open Education Group by mid September 2015.

Participation in the call requires the submission of a short proposal describing the case study (of around 500 words), all proposal must be written in English, however, the selected authors will have the opportunity to submit the case both in English and another language, as our aim is to support the adoption of good practices in the use of open data in different countries.

Key dates:

* Deadline for submission of proposals (approx. 500 words): ** extended to 1 July **
* Notification to accepted proposals: 5th of July
* Draft case study submitted for review (1500 - 2000 words): 26th of July
* Publication-ready deadline: 16th of August
* Publication date: September 2015

If you have any questions or comments please contact us by filling the "contact the editors" box at the end of this form

Javiera Atenas
Leo Havemann

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