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DEADLINE: 12pm on Wednesday, March 27th, with the election to be held 12am, Friday, March 29th to 12pm, Sunday March 31.

To formally submit yourself as a voter for this and all upcoming St. John's Pride Inc. Elections, please fill out the following form.
Prior Voters are still in the system and do not need to register again, if they have not changed their email.

Interested community members who do have not registered will not be allowed to vote.

You should not vote if you do not feel you have a "stake" in the work St. John's Pride does (e.g.: you are LBGT yourself, have attended past events/fundraisers, or are otherwise intimately invested in the LBGT social movement). To do otherwise would be considered voter fraud. These questions are intended to make online voting accessible while also keeping it secure

Happy to serve as our CRO this year is the phenomenal Jamie Ruby, he/him; if you have any questions at all please contact him at, and he will respond as soon as possible.

On behalf of the current Board of St. John's Pride, and on behalf of the constituency, please conduct yourself in good taste and all the best to the candidates!

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