Extending INSPIRE Data Models
INSPIRE, the European Directive establishing an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community, provides a large number of data models. While these cover many core use cases, they often need to be extended to serve specific business needs.

wetransform and Geonovum are currently researching the patterns that are emerging for such model extensions. Our goals are to identify best practices coming from existing modelling approaches and to provide good quality reference documentation on how data models can be extended in a consistent way across INSPIRE. To help this process, we are building an inventory of existing models.

Fill in our survey to help promote the data models you have built!

The information gathered in this survey will only be used for the purpose of the "Extending INSPIRE Models" project. Before we publish anything, we will come back to you to check you are happy with how your work will be presented.

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In this section we would like to know about your background and your work related to standards.
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1.2 How knowledgeable are you about standards for geospatial data and services? *
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1.3 Which other standards do you know about?
1.4 Have you worked with any INSPIRE Data Specification or a GML Application Schema?
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1.5 Did you create at least one data model that references or extends INSPIRE data specifications, e.g. by including properties that are references to INSPIRE objects? *
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