RSVP for Navigating MIT Series- Spring 2021
Various topics to support international students with adjustment to MIT and the U.S. during the spring semester. Most topics are repeated from the fall semester since some students have newly arrived for the spring.

Open to all international students: undergrad, grad, and non-degree students

All sessions will be held virtually over Zoom at 1pm ET (Eastern Time Zone, or Cambridge, MA time). Even if you cannot attend the session, if you register, you will receive the slides (a recording may not be possible).

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Navigating MIT Series for International Students
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Understanding American Culture and Friendship: Friday, March 19; 1pm - 2pm ET (Eastern time zone). ZOOM LINK:
Presented by the ISO. We will discuss culture shock and tips for adjustment, as well as explain aspects of U.S. culture that may be confusing or surprising. We'll finish up the workshop by discussing forming friendships with Americans. Bring your questions and observations!
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Healthy Relationships During Pandemic Times: Tuesday, March 30; 1pm-2pm ET (Eastern time zone). ZOOM LINK:
Presented by Vienna Rothberg from Violence Prevention & Response (VPR). Many find the stress of the pandemic is highlighting difficulties or creating new difficulties in previously healthy relationships. Whether you are finding yourself more distant or more connected in your primary relationships, everyone could use a moment of pause to consider the health and wellness of the self and the relationships we need to survive. Though we may focus on long-term romantic relationships in this seminar, this content may be relevant to any long-term relationship- including friendships, colleagues and family. We will send out a survey in advance to participants so we can best tailor to your questions and experiences.
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Stress Management During COVID-19: Thursday, April 8 (***RESCHEDULED TO APRIL 22); 1pm - 2pm, ET (Eastern time zone). ZOOM LINK:
Presented by Dr. Xiaolu Hsi from Student Mental Health & Counseling. The Covid-19 pandemic is an extraordinary and abnormally difficult situation. With the quarantine and working from home, many find it difficult to get started to do the work, sleep at erratic hours, eat irregularly, have a great deal of difficulties focusing and staying on track with work, “zoomed out” at the end of the day with hours on screen, but not enough of productivity to show. In addition to these cognitive changes, many of us also experience physical, emotional and interpersonal reactions, and have difficulties coping with them, including for many, that also include the xenophobia and racism in addition to the health scare and mental stress. Dr. Hsi will discuss both science and common sense-based strategies to help cope with the impact of the pandemic more effectively.
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Imposter Phenomenon: Tuesday, April 13; 1pm-2pm ET (Eastern time zone). ZOOM LINK:
Presented by Dr. Maryam Khodadoust in Student Mental Health & Counseling. Do you make excuses about your successes? (“I’m just lucky, was at the right place at the right time, anyone could have done it.” etc). Do you remember every failure and review it like a crime scene--over and over again your head? Do you procrastinate on academic work that matters to you? Have you held back from submitting a paper for publishing or conference or grant? You may be suffering from Imposter Phenomenon. Learn about this phenomenon and strategies to keep it from hijacking your academic experience.
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Motivation and Productivity - COVID-19 Edition: Tuesday, April 27; 1pm-2pm ET (Eastern time zone). ZOOM LINK:
Presented by Dr. Susanna (Zan) Barry, Community Wellness. Manage time, energy, and productivity, connect with deeper motivations to avoid burnout and maintain focus, and make a blueprint for your own productivity plan. Dr. Zan Barry is a Senior Program Manager in Community Wellness at MIT Medical. Her health programs at MIT include mindfulness meditation and stress reduction, sleep health, mindful eating, and making health changes that stick.
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