PumpUp Certified Coach Application
Welcome to the PumpUp Certified Coach Application. Becoming a PumpUp Certified Coach is both challenging and rewarding — we only approve high quality, certified and experienced coaches, so together, we can deliver meaningful experiences that change people's lives.

A PumpUp Certified Coach is a thought leader and role model for all things health & fitness. You have a solid background in training and coaching clients, with proven, tangible results. You have strong knowledge of what you need to succeed, including prescribing exercise, nutrition, and motivating clients to achieve their goals. You have a strong foundation that will enable you to successfully leverage our platform to offer your expertise to the PumpUp community!

PumpUp Coaching is a text-based coaching offering all within the PumpUp app. As such, it's imperative that you are comfortable working with clients remotely, and are able to use effective messaging techniques in a chat-based format to coach your clients to success. In addition, you should be ready and able to handle multiple clients for months at a time, ideally interacting with them each on a daily basis. You will be their personal coach, motivator, and trainer - all in their pocket. PumpUp will provide you with the guidance, support, and resources you need to deliver a top-tier experience for your clients. Clients pay $50/month, on a recurring subscription, with 70% going directly to the Coach.

The following application allows us make sure you are the right fit to be a PumpUp Certified Coach — it should take you anywhere from 30 - 60 minutes.

Please Note: For all long form responses, the "word count" is a maximum. If you can answer the question to your satisfaction with less words, feel free to do so.

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