International and Undocumented Student Defense - Faculty Mutual Aid
On Friday, February 28th, UC Santa Cruz administration terminated the Spring employment of over 80 graduate student workers in retribution for their withholding of grades in a campaign to argue for a Cost of Living Adjustment. More information about the campaign is available at .

Several of the students whose spring employment is terminated are international and undocumented students, who, at great risk chose to stand in solidarity with their fellow workers in withholding their labor product from a university that depends structurally on the exploitation of low-wage teaching labor to produce education.

These students, whose status is threatened by the loss of the tuition waivers that come along with TAships,  now face the immediate risk of de facto deportation in retaliation for strike activity.

This form is directed to faculty in and outside of the UC system. We are asking those of you interested in the wellbeing of graduate student workers, and/or opposed to the university's complicity with the Trump regime's persecution of those without the protection of citizenship, to offer whatever resources you might be able to deploy in solidarity. If you have questions or suggestions, contact
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Do you have monetary and/or employment resources (research monies [which can in many cases be repurposed as graduate fellowships], research assistantships, TAships [which may be available as intercampus assignments], reader assignments, spare funds for honoraria, etc.) that you might be able to direct to supporting striking students? *
If you have EMPLOYMENT resources (i.e., could hire a graduate student as a research assistant), please note in what capacity here. Please also note whether you're aware if those resources are available for students who are not citizens.
If you have MONETARY resources, in what quantity? We are encouraging faculty with the resources to donate in multiples of $1,412 in step with the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) demands from the strikers. But any amount counts!
If you are affiliated with the University of California, are those resources in a FOAPAL account for which you have signing authority?
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Do you have any other resources that you might be able to direct to supporting striking students? If so, note here. *
How quickly can the resources you have access to be made available?
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