Artist Residencies in the MSTYP 'M Studio’
MSTYP is opening its doors to artists. We are offering in-kind studio space for emerging artists to try out new ideas in a lab style setting.
Our studio space located next to their Gordon office right near the train station.

What is it?
We are offering artist residencies of 1 – 10 days in MSTYP’s studio space. At the end of the residency, you just need to show us something. If the work goes on, we'd like to be acknowledged. There are no artist fees or other financial support associated with this residency.

Who it’s for?
Performance artists / Writers / musicians / Actors - any arts based practice is welcome to send us an EOI.

And that's it! An artist's space, in Gordon. For you, for free.

We can also send messages to our network of artists and young people to get involved and collaborate. Please note that if working with under 18's we do have some procedures and require WWCCs

The space is 6m x 5m, so is suitable for the early development of works, or for small ensembles.

We would particularly love to hear from young artists aged 18 – 25 and 12 – 18 years. We particularly encourage young artists who are (or have been) involved in MSTYP.
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We always prioritise working with Australian artists.
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We can ask our community of artists for some limited mentoring for the project. This is usually in the form of 1 - 2 hours of time from another arts professional. This may not be available, depending on what's required.
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Availability may vary depending on the other projects/events run by MSTYP. Give us some options if you can.
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Child Safety
For applicants over 18 years
If you work with us, would you agree to supply a valid Working With Children Check (if over 18) and read and abide by our Child Safety protocols? *
Marian Street Theatre for Young People is committed to child safety. We have zero tolerance of child abuse and bullying. Our robust human resources, recruitment and vetting practices are strictly adhered to during the application and interviewing process. Applicants should be aware that we carry out working with children, police records and reference checks (as we see fit) to ensure that we are working with the right people.
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