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When one is denied of something for so long…sometimes the best way to acquire it is through drastic measures…

Like oil mixing with water, one cannot drown the other. In the end, no one ever wins.

There’s a delicate line between obsession and desperation. And Gisele has been lodged in this sweet purgatory for as long as she can remember.

While girls her age lost their virginity before they reached eighteen, Gisele wholeheartedly reserved hers, plotting the perfect moment to give it away to Jared St. James. So, she waited until she was of legal age, hoping he'd see her in a different light, not as the besotted little girl who used to follow him around. She is insanely beautiful, witty, and vivaciously full of life, and the only thing she wishes for is one night in his arms.

Tech billionaire Jared St. James is a renowned whiz in his field. By the age of nineteen, he’s been reveled all over the world and already working at one of Silicon Valley’s top companies, working and thriving under the guidance of his mentor, Peter Weber—Gisele’s father.

Jared works incessant hours and doesn’t have the time to be in a relationship. The relationships he’s had, well, they lingered on, the women hoping he'd commit to them. But eventually, he moved on to his next trophy girlfriend. Gisele Weber fits the bill, but Jared scarcely pays any attention to her.

But the moment she secures his attention, it is all for the wrong reasons. Gisele finds herself in a revolving wheel of madness, chasing for a man who doesn’t want to be caught.

They do say be careful for what you wish for…

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