Registration for Double Wars market 2020
This registration form is ONLY for those participating in the Double wars market!
If you wish to stay at the event you need to fill in the registration form for Double Wars.

There will be ONE market day this year:

• Thursday May 21st 11-16

We welcome one and all to set up your tables, blankets, stalls during the whole week, but there will only be one larger official market day this year.

We are open for businesses, private sellers and loppis.
Why not seize the opportunity to sell off some outgrown garb or extra feast gear?

Admission is free but you need to provide your own table/seating/cover.
If you have any questions please contact Ælfwynn of York
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• Only medievalish or medieval/SCA related merchandise will be allowed on this market
• No visible plastics or modern containers (same rules as for SCA camp)

We usually fill the area almost to the brim, so be as specific as you can to ease the planning of the market area.
If necessary we will move the market to a larger area.
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