Small-Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small-business Technology Transfer Research (STTR) Programs Intake Interview Form
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If you have not determined the NAICS codes for your organization at this time, you can view the breakdown of NAICS codes at https://www.census.gov/eos/www/naics/. If you have determined your NAICS codes, please input all applicable ones below.
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Business Eligibility
These questions are used to determine your eligibility for submitting SBIR/STTR proposal packages as per SBA defined programmatic guidelines.
Is business organized as a for-profit business in the U.S.? *
Does your business have less than 500 employees? *
How many people does your business employ? *
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Is your business at least 51% owned by individuals that are U.S. citizens or permanent residents? *
The Technology/Innovation
Please include no proprietary information in your responses below.

SBIR/STTR funding is intended for technology innovations with commercial potential that are at the phase of proving feasibility and/or building a small-scale prototype.
Describe your product or service for commercialization *
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Do you have legal rights (through licensing) or protection (through patenting) on this technology?
From the list below, please select your level of technology development
Principal Investigator (PI)
The PI must be primarily employed (>20 hours/week) by the business over the full duration of the SBIR award period.
Have you identified someone in your business that can serve as PI? *
Briefly describe PI qualifications.
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Small-business Technology Transfer (Optional)
The five largest agencies, DoD, HHS(NIH), DOE, NSR, and NASA, offer a companion program, called Small-business Technology Transfer Research (STTR). The STTR program requires that 30% - 60% of the research be performed by a research institute (RI), such as a university or national laboratory.
For the purposes of an STTR funding only, have you identified a Co-PI from a research institution (RI)?
If Yes, briefly describe Co-PI qualifications.
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Business Laboratory Facilities
The SBIR program requires 67% - 100% of the research and technology development be performed by the small business. The STTR program requires 40% - 70% of it to be done by the small business.
Does the small business own, or have access to, research and development space?
Additional Services for Underrepresented Businesses
Some additional services may be available for women - or minority - owned small businesses, or businesses which reside in a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) zone.
Is your business at least 51% owned by women?
Is your business at least 51% owned by minorities?
Is your business at least 51% owned by historically socially or economically disadvantaged individuals?
(Additional criteria can be found at https://goo.gl/CZJuHF)
Is your business at least 51% owned by a Service Disabled Veteran?
Does your business reside in a HUB zone?
(You can put your business address at http://map.sba.gov/hubzone/maps/ to verify.)
SBIR/STTR Experience
These questions are used to determine your experience with the SBIR/STTR programs, your level of knowledge on these programs, and your overall experience with putting together proposal packages for governmental funding opportunities.
Do you have proposal writing experience?
Have you applied for an SBIR/STTR award before?
If you have already done your own research on funding agencies, to which one(s) do you plan to apply?
Further, if you have researched potential topic or subtopic areas, what are they?
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Have you attended any NM FAST sponsored SBIR/STTR workshops in the past?
If yes, which workshop did you attend?
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